Why do the best business people rely on their intuition


It is a nanosecond of knowing. Intuition is that part of us that seems to just know things. That is how intuition works. An intuition is essentially when you just know something. You may not know why you know it, but suddenly you know something. As you move about your life and you encounter people, places and things the intuitive part of you sometimes in life can become confused and we can get caught in our own illusions or own self-deception because it may be information that is not coming to us first-hand or we have heard it from someone else, or we begin to doubt ourselves or we are not in touch with our intuition, but we are listening to voices in our heads from our past and we lose sight of the truth. The power of intuition is to shift our state. It is when we reflect the light coming towards us and the light within us most importantly. The brilliant light within us, which is our soul. The soul within us is our own brilliance and that we reflect that light out in a new and different way. We have a new prospective. Where the active part of you comes in to create more magic in your life is to get clear about what you want, to surround yourself with positive people, places, and things. To experience gratitude every day and to not compromise your intuition. Because the light within us shines upon us because we ask for that light and then we do not act on it. We do not reflect it back to ourselves by taking action. What I can tell you is that with practice your intuition will begin to speak to you in your soul and it will begin supporting you readily. That is how you build your intuitive confidence. You ask, you listen, and you act upon the guidance. Here is the thing. This is such a precious secret and it is going to sound so obvious. If you are willing to act immediately, and I mean immediately upon the soul’s guidance you will have everything you want. Everything you want that is truly real for you and not what society says you should want or even what you think in your ego head mind space you should do or what you should have. But, you will create a life that is absolutely authentic and delicious and pure because you are not betraying yourself. Also there is something else we get tripped-up with is stagnancy. That is a big one; stagnancy; stuck. People say, “I feel stuck.” Have you ever said that? You may have heard your friends say it or your clients say, “I am so stuck.” There is one primary reason people get stuck. They have this amazing gift of knowledge within that will give them an answer every single time, on queue, specific even with dates and times and they do not act on it and then they wonder why their life is not moving forward. Can you tell I am wound up about this? I am wound up about this because this is just so, so powerful. Has this ever happen to you where your personal will says I am going to make this work come hell or high water. And, if it is not working and your intuition is saying, wait, slow down, give it up, whatever it is telling you and you are not listening to your intuition and you are always banging your head against the wall, then you need to stop and listen. Just in closing, I want to answer that one thing on my bullet point that I did not do. Why do the best business people rely on their intuition above all else? The reason is your intuition is right. That is why. If you begin developing your intuition more and more you will always be guided in the best way for yourself. **If you would like to learn how to take your life and your business to the next level by becoming a apart of a global movement of unlocking women’s power as economic catalysts, being intuitive and trusting yourself to be expressive in creating wealth and making a massive impact in the world. Check out how at http://www.Proverbs31WomanExperience.com


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